Get Help Cleaning Up Your Yard

Arrange for landscaping services in Hiawatha, IA

Even if your grass and plants are beautiful, your yard will look unkept if it's covered in leaves and debris. Fortunately, you don't have to spend your free time working on your yard to enjoy a beautiful and professional look. Diamond Bar K Outdoor Services provides a variety of landscaping services in Hiawatha, IA for yards of any size. We can...

  • Perform seasonal yard cleanup services in the spring or fall
  • Collect and get rid of piles of snow and leaves
  • Help with mulch installation and spreading work

We also provide lawn mowing services and can help you turn your messy yard into a professional landscape. Ask for an estimate on anything from mulch installation to seasonal yard cleanup services when you call us at 319-640-0111.

From all-terrain mowing to snow removal and anything your property needs in between, let our dedicated team bring the equipment to you! Here’s a look at some of our projects so far:

  • Deer & Wildlife Habitat
  • Clear-Cutting Trees
  • Grade Work
  • All-Terrain Mowing

Don't wait for a tree to fall on your property

Do you have a tree that's growing over your driveway, parking lot or office? We can help you keep your property safe with tree removal services. We'll use our heavy-duty equipment to safely remove your tree and haul away the mess, leaving you with a clean and safe yard.

Get more information about our landscaping services by contacting us today.